Friday, March 30, 2012

Second Grade Sugar and Spice Giveaway

Miss DeCarbo has a wonderful website called Second Grade Sugar & Spice.  Please go over to her blog and check out her awesome giveaway and enter to win either a $25 dollar gift card for Target or Amazon. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blogging World I Need Your Help

     I have always said that I have wanted to get my masters in education, but life happens and I have enjoyed watching my own kiddos grow.  That is my son with me and my daughter(too cool to be with mom). 
     I know this is kind of an unusual post but I need some advice.  I am looking at an online university, because that will allow me the chance to do my homework after I've had family time at home.  Also all of the graduate schools around me are about 50 miles away and being a single mom with two kiddos that is just not an option right now.   Has anyone taken an online course?  Did you like it?  Do you think it's a good idea?  Any advice or comments would be helpful.  Thanks in advance.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Kinder - 2nd Linky Party

Jeannie over at Kindergarten Lifestyle came up with an amazing idea for a Kinder-2nd Linky Party.  As I am looking at all the blogs on her linky party I am finding some amazing new blogs to follow.  Thank you so much Jeannie for coming up with this!

An Award (happy dance)!!!!!!

Thanks you so much Brittany at Little Miss Teacher for giving me this wonderful award.   

I love looking for comments in my inbox,too.  It always makes me smile even after a stressful day.  I think it is a wonderful experience getting to hear from each other.  The encouragement in the blogging world is wonderful and I can't wait to see what everyone has to share every day. 
   I am moving schools next year(a new building was built for Pre-K through 1st) and they are moving second with third and fourth.  The principal I have know will go to that building and I will have my fifth principal.  The building I am moving to doesn't have the best reputation for sharing ideas, and that seems crazy to me because right now all of us second grade teachers share everything.  Let's just hope it's all hearsay.
   Brittany thanks again for giving me my first award.  I am super excited!!!  I am still on the lookout for new websites to give the award to because I have time this week since it's Spring Break!!!

Small Town Biggest Loser

      One of my awesome co-workers sent out an e-mail about my small town hosting a biggest loser competition and wanted to know if anyone would like to make a team from our school.  I e-mailed back and said that sounded awesome, so eight of us signed up to represent our school. I can't believe it was a little over a month ago when we started (Feb.15).   Dieting has always been a challenge for me, for example about a year ago, I decided it was time to change my eating habits due to high blood pressure and cholestrol.  I did great until I realized I had a unique class and on top of that had an unexpected hysterectomy, so my diet was put on the back burner.  One of my New Year Resolution's was to start back on my diet and live healthier.  I started going to a water aerobics class (love it) and joined Weight Watchers.   
      I never realized how much fun it could be when you have friends doing a  "diet" with you.  We can encourage each other and also brainstorm on good "diet" foods.  So far I've lost 14 pounds, and our school's team is in third place out of twenty groups.  I've been counting my points and trying to log everything I eat.  I want to help my team in anyway possible so that has helped to stick to my diet, and I'm thinking that blogging about it will help me, too. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm a winner!!!!

Let's just say after a rough ending on Friday with a mandatory meeting that didn't go pretty and a job interview that didn't leave me jumping for joy.  I came home to realize that I am a winner in Swimming into Second's 600 followers.  YEA!!!  Courtney is one of my blog hereos.  She does such an awesome job.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Swimming Into Second's 600 follower giveaway

In celebration of 600 followers, Swimming in Second Grade is having an awesome giveaway.  Please click on her blog button below to find out how to win some awesome prizes.

Swimming into Second