Friday, September 14, 2012


   Ms. Myers you've given me a headache already this morning.  I've seen you all over this school in a matter of the past thirty minutes.  Sometimes I feel like I am going ninety to nothing in the matter of minutes, and there are not enough hours in the day.  I thought you know I have been running myself ragged I need to learn to slow down, because who knows what I am going to miss along the way.  I had duty yesterday morning because our school district decided that everyone needed to add forty minutes to their day ( o how I could have gone on a tangent right then).  Every Thursday I watch children after they have eatten breakfast and there are these two darling little boys that I have come to love and we had a great conversation yesterday that brightened my whole world.  One of them was more excited that I took the time to talk and laugh with him because you could see it all over his face.  Sometimes I need to stop and remember that simple jesture of taking the time to talk to students for just five minutes means the world to them. 


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