Thursday, July 19, 2012

8 and 14 but Mom's still 29 and holding....

I can already tell that this year is going to be full of surprises.  His birthday fell on the game of the Thunder season and the weekend before as seen we celebrated his birthday with some Thunder cupcakes.  K-man lost his first tooth on July 14th and it was quite an event.  He came running hysterically to me because his mouth was bleeding.  The tooth was just barely hanging there.  I had to calm him down so I could look at his mouth and I just barely touched it and it came right out.  He had sleep denistry done today where he got one pulled and two excavated.  He can't wait for the tooth fairy to come. 

Sister and I made it through her first teenage year.  I thank God periodically for this.  She is such a precious gift and there are so many influences out there in this world that I want to protect her from but I know that I just have to pray and show her all the positives that when she is faced with tough decisions she will make the right decisions.  She went to her first camp~Fellowship of Christian Atheletes Camp and had a blast.  I think I missed her way more than she missed me.  I know K-man missed her bunches.  We finally have time this weekend to take her friends and her to the lake for her birthday.

I keep telling my kiddos that this is the last year for birthdays but they just laugh cause they know I'm joking.  I just keep telling them ok they can turn another year older but I'm still going to be celebrating my twenty-ninth birthday.  Of course Sister just smiles and says whatever and K-man says no mom you'll be celebrating and he puts in my real age because he knows his numbers.  I love both my kiddos they mean the world to me!!!


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